• The Barn Light (East) (map)
  • 545 East 8th Avenue
  • Eugene, OR, 97401
  • United States

The Barn Light (East) and Gopsel Community Church are partnering to bring you a live debate between a christian and an atheist.

-Grab a drink!
-Support a local business!
-Ask questions during the Q and A time.
-Cover charge is purchasing a beverage of your choice. (The Barn Light has a wide selection of coffee, tea, wine, beer, and spirits) 

*We want this to be a community event that brings people from different backgrounds and world views into one room to discuss important matters. We are asking for the christian community to not invite more christians but instead invite people/friends from a different perspective than their own. Same goes for the atheist community. In short, we would love this event to be diverse and not one sided. 


1) Atheist-Bernie Dehler
Bernie was raised as a Roman Catholic, and became a born-again Christian in 1984. After 25 years as a growing evangelical Christian, Bernie became an atheist in 2007. Since then he has debated numerous Christian pastors, professors, and ministry leaders of all denominations. He is also the author of the booklet "Modern Science and Philosophy Destroy Theology."

Bernie has a electronics engineering degree and a masters in ministry seminary degree.

2) Christian-Ronny Gogan
Ronny, formally an athiest, converted to Christianity 7 years ago. His conversion has led to a deep love for apologetics and debating the truth he now believes. Ronny recently moved to Springfield, OR from Reno, NV. He serves in the military and is a member of Gospel Community Church.