What we value

Gospel Centrality: Tim Keller says, “the Gospel is not the ABC’s of christianity but the A to Z.”  We believe the Gospel speaks to and transforms every area of life (i.e., parenting, marriage, school, work, etc.).

Community: We believe that God has called us to be in community with other believers.  Therefore, we value a highly relational model where the shepherds are with the sheep and people are bearing one one another’s burdens.

Transparency: We are not perfect and my hope is that our vulnerability would create a place where people feel safe to be transparent.  I want others to know that we need the perfection of Jesus just as much as they do.  

Simplicity: We don’t want to make church a production and put a heavy workload on those partnering with us.  We don’t want systems to smother the Spirit and run the church.  

Evangelism/Mission: In everything we do we want to think about how this will effect the non christian.  Our goal is to raise up missionaries that are reaching different people groups in Eugene. 

Discipleship: As much as we want to be inclusive to the non christian we also want to make sure we are deeply caring for those christians Christ has entrusted to our care.