Our Story

Rick grew up in Roseburg, OR and moved to Reno, NV in 2007.  He spent the next 8 years in Reno, and it was there he met my wife and had their first child. While in Reno, Rick was a Family Pastor for a church called Living Stones but also felt a call to plant a church in Oregon, specifically in Eugene. In 2010 the Living Stones elders affirmed his desire to plant a church and the Reeves family spent 5 years preparing for their move. In February 2015, the The Reeves were finally able to move to Eugene to begin planting their new church, and on October 11, 2015 Gospel Community Church had its first official meeting. 


Rick Reeves | Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision

Rick enjoys spending his time reading, watching movies, listening to stand-up comedy, working out, coaching mixed martial arts, but his greatest passions are spending time with his family and hunting.  Rick is married to Ali and they have a two daughters named Joey and Brooks.   

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber 

Favorite Author: Tim Keller

Favorite Food: Pizza, burgers, and almost any dessert